Diffusion Cell Apparatus

Laboratory Enterprises Manufacturing reinvented diffusion cell apparatus is used to study of trans-dermal properties of pharmaceutical substances in the pharmacy colleges, medical research institutes and pharmaceutical industries. Having 6–stages & 8-stages, user can drive each stirrer stage at different RPM from 50 RPM to 950 RPM, diffusion cell apparatus provided with water circulation system to maintain uniform temperature throughout all diffusion cells, water circulation system consists of water circulation pump which circulate water to all diffusion cells, and get back to maintain temperature.

Facilities: Our infrastructure has Procuring Unit, R&D Unit, Production Unit, Quality Testing Unit, Warehouse, Packaging Unit and Logistics Unit. We have compartmentalized our infrastructure as per the functionalities to bring forth highly reliable and cost effective Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics.

RPM Indicator Digital
RPM COntroller Digital
RPM Ragne 50 RPM - 950 RPM
Fitting Arragnement of Cell Uncomplecated
Water Circulation System Provided with Instrument
Temperature Indicator Digital.
Temperature Controller Digital
Temperature Range Ambient - 60°C
Temperature Accuracy: 0.2°C
Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °C
Diffusion Cell Parameters 15 mm Dia. & 7 ml Capacity
Calibration Certificate provided with extra cost
Instrument Provided with: Particular
Silicon Tubing For water circulation.
Cell Holders To hold Diffusion Cell
Cables & connectors Included.
Receptor & Donner Cell fitting Accessories Included
Optional Diffusion Cell: 5 ml & 5 mm Dai. with extra cost
Optional Diffusion Cell: 7 ml & 15 mm Dai. with extra cost
Optional Diffusion Cell: 15 ml & 15 mm Dai. with extra cost
Optional Diffusion Cell: 20 ml & 20 mm Dai. with extra cost
Optional Diffusion Cell: 28 ml & 25 mm Dai. with extra cost

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