Digital Plethysmometer

Laboratory Enterprises is a globally recognized Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of The Digital Plethysmometer is a micro-controlled volume meter, specially, designed for accurate measurement of the rat/mouse paw swelling. The digital plethysmometer is designed to provide a highly useful tool in the measurement of small volume changes. This test is typically used to evaluate the inflammatory response experimentally induced in rodents and to screen potential anti-inflammatory or anti- edema properties of pharmacological substance. The water displacement produced by the immersion of the animal paw in the measuring tube is inducing a change in Volume of water generates an output signal to the digital display indicating the volume displacement ( 0.01ml resolution ). The current value remains in the digital display until a new trail starts. The control unit can be zeroed between successive readings by pressing the ZERO button, so as to avoid the error arising due to adherence of water to the paw of the animal.

Surfactant Not Required Required
Fully Auto Calibration Yes NO
Frequently Calibration NOt Required Required
Pedal Switch NOt Required Required
Reading on Computer Screen Yes NO
Reading Save Automatic Yes NO
Highly Stable Reading Yes NO
Resolution 0.01 ml 0.01 ml
Battery Back up to 4 hrs. Yes NO
Facility to select correct readings in Final Report Yes NO
Non Editable Final Report Yes NO
Model PTM-x1
Resolution 0.01 ml
Accuracy 0.02 ml
Sutable for Rat & Mice
Component Included Data Cables, & Connectores, Instruction Manual, (Optional:Calibration Probes 0.5 ml, 1 ml, 2 ml).

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