Grip Strength Meter

Laboratory Enterprises Manufacturing reinvented Laboratory Enterprises manufacture Advanced grip strength meter for scientific study of muscles strength of small laboratory animals such as Rat and Mice, which having capacity up to 50 Newton, user can observer results in Kilograms (Kg), Pounds (lb) and Newton (N), User can change direction of Displayed Reading as it can be from front side and from back side, In addition to this user can freeze maximum reading by pressing Peak mode here user has to press zero to go for next reading. also user can go for Auto peak, by selecting Auto peak mode user will get highest peak results on display for the moment and after 3 seconds it will be zero automatic, battery backup facility also provided with the instrument by default, instrument can be directly to the printer also but laboratory Enterprises has provided special software utility for more study as user can view reading on computer screen with numerical and graphical form, also user can export data in micro-soft excel sheet. user can save that experiment re open. Quality Testing Unit, Warehouse, Packaging Unit and Logistics Unit. We have compartmentalized our infrastructure as per the functionalities to bring forth highly reliable and cost effective Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics.

Measuring Instrument : for Fore Limbs & Hind Limbs NO
Measuring Units : lbs / N / Kg. lbs / N / Kg.
Maximum Capacity : 5 Kg 2 Kg
Accessories : T-Bar, Mesh, Triangle, S.S.304 Not all
Display Option : Reverse and Forward Direction NO
Free Software : Yes NO
Accuracy: 0.01 Kg 0.05 Kg
Resolution: 0.01 Kg 0.01 Kg
Battery Back up to 4 hrs. Yes NO
Facility to select correct readings in Final Report Yes NO
Non Editable Final Report Yes NO
Sutable for Fore Limb only Fore Limb and Hind Limbs
Sutable for Rat & Mice
Component Included Data Cables, & Connectores, Instruction Manual,

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